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Your donations help this facility feed, care for and give a second chance to those horses whose fate  would otherwise be more horrible than anyone can imagine.


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NBEF Updates

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These are just a few horses that have been graciously saved by people just like you!



Jimmy has been adopted


Thunder has been adopted




Fran has been adopted




Gracie has been adopted




I fell in love with Cherokee so he's staying with me!






Stitch was adopted by the same owners who also adopted Maggie.  We get to visit them since they live so close!



Ernie has been adopted



Midget has been adopted









Belles Skippa Star















This big guy Rigger "Big Red" was adopted by my father-in-law



Dakota (formerly Deacon) and his new owner Kelli.  Merry Christmas!












Lady Chester





These two mares were used for their PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine).  Both of them have found a safe and loving home.



Brownie with his new owner.



Cami wither her new owner, Elaine.



Peanut with his new owner, Skylar.



Toreo has been adopted



Jill has been adopted



Swinger has been adopted






Scooter found a special place in my heart.  He is now a permanent fixture here at NBEF. 





Beauty has been adopted.



Wild West has been adopted.



Excitabull has been adopted into our family.  A nice father's day gift for my husband.  Here he and my son (riding Ms. Belle) take a trail ride.



Chili before and after.  Her new owner writes:

"It has been a real fun time having her. She is one of the best horses I've ever owned. If I could go back and pick any horse at your barn I would have still picked her. She is a real loyal friend. She has helped me out a lot. When I needed to get away she's right there ready to ride as far as it takes till I calm down. She is like my Guardian Angel.........1 in a million!"



A message from the new owner: "Bounce is doing great with Brooke.  He's settled in quite nicely.  Everyone at the barn thinks he's just great.  Thanks for the match!"


TK has been adopted.



Ratchette and Rainy have been adopted.


Rex has been with us about 4 1/2 years. He was a starvation case my friend Rebecca from Dove Hill Horse Ranch took in. He was abandoned when he could no longer pull a cart.  Her facility was full and when I went out to see what I could take in and house for her.  It was love at 1st sight with this big guy.  He is a wise, gentle giant.  He will be with us till the end.  Rex is now in his 30's and he is a 19 hand percheron. He is shown on the right with Snowflake, another rescued percheron. Update: Rex finally was laid to rest in October 2008. He lived his best years out to pasture, with no worries.




Sara, Surprise, Miracle and Bossman are permanent fixtures here at NBEF.



Sally (aka Jetta) came to NBEF looking very starved and neglected (left).  Here she is with her new family!



Daniti has been adopted.



Prissy has been adopted



Beau with his new family.  The girls just love him!



"Bailey" (the horse formerly known as Henry) has been adopted.