you can help!

Your donations help this facility feed, care for and give a second chance to those horses whose fate  would otherwise be more horrible than anyone can imagine.


Click on the button below and make a donation using your credit card or PayPal account.

If you want to do more than just a monetary donation, check out our


"How Can I Help"


page to find out more about adopting horses, fostering horses or volunteering your time.

NBEF Updates

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Country Supply will donate up to 5% of your purchase to New Beginnings Equine Facility.  At checkout, enter our our country care code: NEWBEGIN

Help us stop the slaughter of the
animals we all love!
Your help WILL make a difference.

While you're reading this, another horse is on its way to Mexico to be slaughtered.
The meat will feed someone in Japan or Europe.

New Beginnings Equine Facility beats the killers to every auction.
We've saved mares and their newborns, like the ones pictured below.

Call or Email NOW to end this cruelty.
We take them in and nurse them back to sound, health certified horses.

Adopt a horse TODAY so we can save another one from a trip to Mexico.