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Your donations help this facility feed, care for and give a second chance to those horses whose fate  would otherwise be more horrible than anyone can imagine.


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Our Mission



Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and facilitate adoptions for horses that are at risk of inhumane slaughter, abandonment, starvation and neglect. New Beginnings Equine Facility is pro-active in working to reduce the number of horses sent to slaughter by bidding against kill buyers at auction.  New Beginnings also accepts horses relinquished by owners who can no longer afford them, as well as horses legally determined to be abandoned.


What We Do


New Beginnings Equine Facility maintains its own stables and properties and all horses accepted into our facility must have a negative coggins. Rescued horses are immediately evaluated for veterinary needs and farrier care.  All horses are brought up to date on wormings and vaccinations, and those requiring further intervention are provided the prescribed care.  Underweight horses are carefully nursed back to their proper weight, studs and stallions are gelded, and mares are checked for pregnancy. In some cases, we place horses in foster care utilizing a network of foster care providers we’ve developed.


The ultimate goal for all of our horses is adoption into a loving, stable, permanent home.  They come to New Beginnings Equine Facility from a variety of backgrounds, with some only needing a little TLC before becoming adoptable.  Green horses and those with behavioral problems are sent to a professional trainer for proper schooling.  We never give up on a horse and we grant each individual horse as much time as his situation warrants. 


New Beginnings Equine Facility is operated by Horse Trainer and Certified Farrier Amber Randolph, and a team of experienced volunteers. In addition to under saddle exercise and training, the horses at New Beginnings Equine Facility receive ample on-the-ground handling, which fosters good social behavior. 


At New Beginnings Equine Facility, we believe education is key to preventing the destruction, abandonment, abuse and neglect of horses in the United States.  Therefore, we strive to educate the community and fellow horse owners about kill auctions, the dangers of backyard breeding and over-breeding, and what constitutes responsible horse ownership.